How To Distinguish Real – Fake Sakura Shampoo?

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Distinguish Real - Fake Sakura Shampoo

In the current market, where fake products may easily make their way onto shop shelves, finding the legitimacy of a product is crucial. Knowing how to differentiate between authentic and counterfeit Sakura shampoo is essential.

We’ll provide helpful advice and insights in this guide to help you sort through the vast selection of goods and ensure you’re buying authentic Sakura shampoo.

Key Things About Original Sakura Shampoo

Real Sakura Shampoo
Real Sakura Shampoo

Conventional procedures for hair transplantation can be expensive and include risks of infection and post-implantation hair loss. Professionals and dermatologists from top Japanese companies have realized this and resorted to 100% natural extracts for answers. Sakura shampoo is one of them that has grown in popularity in Japan.

Natural components used in Sakura shampoo include Korean red seaweed, Japanese Tsubaki flower essential oil, double-seed butter, and Oshima cherry blossom essence. This product encourages hair growth 20 times faster than conventional treatments while preventing scalp problems. It is fortified with vitamins A, E, and B, which strengthen hair follicles and act as a barrier to prevent damage.

Results from using Sakura shampoo are visible right away. After the initial application, dandruff levels dramatically decrease, and hair loss is significantly reduced within two weeks.

Over three months, hair gets stronger and smoother with consistent application. Customers like its capacity to fortify hair follicles, which produce silky and smooth growth while preventing dryness, brittleness, and damage. However, because of its popularity, counterfeit goods have started to appear on the market, so it’s vital to exercise caution.

Consumers should be knowledgeable to avoid buying imitations of inferior quality. Please use the selection criteria below to find truly Sakura shampoo goods.

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Other Useful tips to differentiate the original or fake Sakura shampoo

Base on product packaging

Poorly packaged, lack of impact-resistant cover, and box dented during transportation
Poorly packaged, lack of impact-resistant cover, and box dented during transportation

The packaging of genuine Sakura shampoo products is frequently high caliber and exhibits the brand’s attention to detail. Look for clean, clear printing, vivid colours, and recognisable trademark components.

Pay close attention to the overall appearance and confirm that it corresponds with the actual packaging on Sakura’s official website or in authorised stores. Any significant variations in font types, branding positioning, or product descriptions could point to a fake good.

Examine the barcode 

The barcode is a crucial component in determining the legitimacy of Sakura shampoo. Genuine goods often feature clean, straight barcodes devoid of smearing or abnormalities.

Examine the barcode carefully and contrast it with the authentic Sakura barcode that may be seen on their website or at approved retail locations. Counterfeit goods may be revealed by differences in the barcode’s format, digits, or general quality.

Only buy Sakura shampoo from reliable retailers 

It is essential to purchase from reputable and approved merchants to ensure you’re getting authentic Sakura shampoo. Reputable merchants have contacts with Sakura and are likelier to sell genuine goods.

Avoid shopping at unlicensed markets, dubious internet stores, and street sellers since counterfeit goods are more likely to be sold there. You reduce your chance of being a victim of imitation Sakura shampoo by picking reliable suppliers.

Grammatical & spelling mistakes

False goods frequently need better attention to detail, including spelling and grammar mistakes on the box. Genuine Sakura shampoo products are thoroughly inspected for quality, including the packaging. Look closely at the box for any obvious spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors. Since genuine Sakura goods aim for professionalism, any big mistakes or discrepancies may point to a fake product.

Fake websites

Websites are selling Fake Sakura Shampoo
Websites are selling Fake Sakura Shampoo

Counterfeiters frequently make false websites to market their items. Always buy Sakura shampoo from the brand’s official website or from approved internet shops to avoid falling into this trap.

Watch out for dubious websites with amateurish designs and layouts or much lower prices. To ensure a safe online buying experience, look for secure website indicators like “https://” in the URL and a padlock symbol.

Besides another easy-to-recognize sign of a fake website is the selling price. Often times, you can come across surprisingly low prices on each order, which is potentially a scam.

Poor quality of products

The auxiliary faucet is broken because of poor plastic processing and low manufacturing standards
The auxiliary faucet is broken because of poor plastic processing and low manufacturing standards

Comparatively speaking, counterfeit Sakura shampoo frequently has a worse quality than the original product. Pay close attention to the shampoo’s consistency, texture, and aroma.

A phony product may be easy to spot if it seems diluted, has an odd texture, or smells strange.

Any major departures from the anticipated degree of quality should arouse suspicion because genuine Sakura shampoo is subject to stringent quality control procedures to maintain excellent standards.

Omissions & mismatch

Information on the package may be noticed by counterfeiters or omitted deliberately. To ensure that all necessary information, such as ingredients, directions, and certifications, are present and accurate, compare the product package with official Sakura photos. Any missing or inconsistent information, labeling, or trademarks may indicate a fake Sakura shampoo.

Flawed fonts, logos

The ink printed on the bottle is poor quality, blurry, and the words are blurred
The ink printed on the bottle is poor quality, blurry, and the words are blurred

Genuine Sakura shampoo products contain typefaces and logos that have been meticulously created and are used consistently throughout all packaging and promotional materials.

Fake goods frequently contain improperly duplicated typefaces or logos, with minor differences or mistakes. Look at the package to check for any text or logo distortions, blurriness, or uneven or crooked lines. These imperfections may be warning signs of a fake Sakura shampoo.

No contact details

The contact details on genuine Sakura shampoo products are clear and precise and include a customer care phone number, email address, or website. Conversely, counterfeit goods can be missing vital information or include incorrect or ineffective contact information.

Ensure the Sakura shampoo box has current and straightforward contact information before buying. This not only verifies the genuineness of the goods but also that you may get in touch with the maker if you have any questions or issues.

Where can I buy the original Sakura Japan Shampoo?

Official Retailers

  • Sakura Japan Website: The official Sakura Japan website is a reliable source for purchasing the original Sakura Japan Shampoo. However, genuine Sakura shampoo products are always sold at the list price of 2500 baht/ product. Accordingly, any cheaper ones are not original ones. Visit their website and explore the available options and product variations.
  • Authorized Retail Stores: Sakura Japan has authorised retail stores that sell its products worldwide. Check the brand’s website or contact customer service for a list of authorised retailers in your area. Of course, even with distributors on the e-commerce platform, you should choose products sold at the list price (2500 baht/1 product).

YET, Sakura shampoo is being heavily counterfeited and sold on many retail and e-commerce websites. So, if you want to place an order at original Sakura distributors in India, TH Cosmetics is a reliable choice.

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Online Marketplaces

  • Amazon: Amazon is a popular online marketplace with many products, including Sakura Japan Shampoo. Review product descriptions and reviews to ensure you purchase from a reputable seller.
  • eBay: eBay is another online marketplace where you may find the original Sakura Japan Shampoo. Look for sellers with positive ratings and reviews to ensure the product’s authenticity.

Beauty Supply Stores

  • Local Beauty Supply Stores: Visit local beauty supply stores in your area and inquire about the availability of Sakura Japan Shampoo. Some stores may carry international brands and speciality hair care products.
  • Chain Stores: Check with well-known chain stores specialising in beauty and hair care products. They may carry the original Sakura Japan Shampoo or be able to order it for you.


When it comes to Sakura shampoo, don’t be fooled by imitation items. By arming yourself with the information and advice provided in this book, you can clearly distinguish the genuine article from false imitations. Enjoy the genuine Sakura shampoo experience while being confident in your well-informed decision.

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