The first cosmetics distribution company in India, TH Cosmetics, focuses on offering well-known and authentic cosmetic brands. These goods are of the highest quality and have a variety of uses, including products for skin care and special treatments. For instance, shower gel, facial cleanser, skincare, acne therapy, black pigmentation treatment, etc. TH Cosmetics desires to share the advantages of beauty with everyone and to assist Indians in finding and purchasing the best authentic cosmetic products at affordable prices. 

TH Cosmetics was founded in 2018 with the lofty goal of becoming a powerful force in the community. Assisting women after the age of 30 to look youthful and more attractive by using beautification secrets developed by skilled and highly qualified scientists.

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As the market for cosmetics expands and becomes more well-known, the need for genuine goods at reasonable prices and with high-quality support services is more pressing than ever. 

Having this in mind, we promise to always offer customers authentic goods at the best prices. All of TH Cosmetics’ products come with a satisfaction guarantee because we carefully reviewed them based on regional standards for product safety, manufacturing processes, and storage conditions. Additionally, TH Cosmetics has a large factory that allows it to independently create helpful product lines. We guarantee that all products are always authentic and are priced competitively.

When you join us, you’ll notice that we value commitment, teamwork, dedication to our clients, ethics, honesty, ingenuity, optimism, kindness, and being a positive influence in the community.

The TH Cosmetics staff is very friendly and qualified. The staff at our company has a wealth of beauty-related skills and knowledge and is always developing.

In order to strengthen our position in the beauty market, TH Cosmetics constantly sets standards in the fields of health and beauty care.

Additionally, we outperform competing companies because of our superior customer support. We want to spread the message, increase the value for each person, and assist them in making wise purchasing decisions for goods that are high quality, efficient, and secure.

During the operation, we aim to assist customers in balancing family care, health, and attractiveness for themselves. As a result, the partners who approach us are prosperous and enjoy their lives.

TH Cosmetics is a solid bridge that brings together people who share the daily aim of self-improvement and self-beautification. With market-leading product ranges, we offer personalized and helpful guidance on health, beauty, and personal care to uphold our commitment to our clients: Comprehensive beauty from the inside and outside.

In addition, realizing the issue with consumers using poor cosmetics and emphasizing the value of using high-quality cosmetics, we at the well-known cosmetics company TH Cosmetics will assist you in finding and purchasing the best products.

We are willing to assist customers in order to make every cosmetic shopping experience here as enjoyable, convenient and easy as possible. And TH Cosmetics will constantly strive and continuously innovate to bring those committed values to customers.

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TH Cosmetics – The leading brand in cosmetics distribution and genuine beauty care goods, fulfilling the shopping and beauty needs of millions of people in India.

Address: Plot No. 529 and 530 House 1559/529,and 1559/530 WARD No. 43 Yadav Nagar, Napur, Maharashtra – 440026

Hotline: 0345.749.123